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What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is the formulation of makeup, skincare and/or personal care in a responsible, eco-friendly way that does no harm to the consumer or our planet.

What type of brands are the best fit for the Clean Beauty Test Kitchen?

We work with brands who are striving to create clean, responsible products. This includes makeup, skincare, personal care and lifestyle products. Not sure if your product is a good fit? Email us!

Do I have to have a product to work with the Clean Beauty Test Kitchen?

Absolutely not! We are available to work with you from the beginning, before formulation, to ensure you and your chemist or formulator are making great decisions from the start.

How do products get tested?

Prototypes or samples are sent to a customized panel of experts who will rigorously test your product through the lens of consumer experience, performance, efficacy, innovation, value, market position and more. Feedback is then collected, complied and delivered in a neat package for your perusal.

Who are your Clean Beauty Experts?

We work with several experts and are continuously expanding our team. We will hand select your panel depending on your product and goals. You can meet some of our principal experts here.

How much does it cost?

We price our services depending on several factors including the size of the panel, the type of product being tested and the brand’s goals. Please email to inquire.