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Welcome to the Clean Beauty Test Kitchen! We are the leading consulting service for eco-friendly, organic, ethical and sustainable beauty brands world wide. Our mission is to provide unparalleled services to formulators and entrepreneurs in the beauty space.

Hi! I’m Lisa Fennessy, the founder of Clean Beauty Test Kitchen.

I have a passion for clean living, and I’ve spent the last five years educating the public on how to take simple, actionable steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Much of my work centers around empowering consumers to make more conscious choices, for themselves and the planet.

I’ve been professionally testing clean beauty products for over five years for my blog This Organic Girl. Over the past two years alone, I’ve worked with hundreds of brands to drive more than $1 million dollars in sales. After testing and trying countless products, I know what people want, I know what works, and I want to see you succeed!

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I’ve been honored to have a hand in the development of new products for Maya Chia, Osmia, True Botanicals, and more. I work in an affiliate capacity with the best of the best in clean beauty with brands like MŪN, Laurel, OLIO E OSSO and alongside pioneering green beauty retailers like Credo, Follain, The Detox Market, Aillea and Integrity Botanicals.

Along the way, I’ve built a network of coveted influencers that I’m proud to call my friends. We’re passionate about supporting indie beauty entrepreneurs to get their products to market quicker, with better results, and increased awareness. We know the hidden pitfalls of product development and new launches, and our proprietary system saves time, money, energy and frustration.

Collectively, the Clean Beauty Test Kitchen has built an Instagram following of hundreds of thousands of savvy consumers who trust our recommendations. Our experts have been featured on ABC Nightline, The Rachel Ray Show, The New York Times, Parade Magazine, Well & Good, Well Insiders, Beauty Independent, New York Magazine, Thoughfully Magazine, and more. We welcome an opportunity to put our decades of experience as natural beauty pioneers to work for you!

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