On Product Testing….

“The Clean Beauty Test Kitchen was exactly what I needed to elevate a product during the development stages.  The professionalism in the details, data, and feedback provided during and after their testing allowed me to tweak and improve the formula, packaging, and overall user experience. I highly recommend going through the in-depth testing with the women at Clean Beauty Test Kitchen. Their expertise gave me a wide view point in order to determine my target audience and how to appeal to them directly.  A big thank you for helping with a successful product launch!” – Kara, Founder and Creator of Me Time Botanicals

“The beauty of product testing is that it gives you the ability to see what expectations your customer will have before you launch…. an invaluable crystal ball for decision making, especially in the startup phase of a business. Lisa’s process is so thorough and intentional. She really helps anticipate where people are likely to have questions and pain points, and the surveys she crafts gives you the ability to really see what motivates your customers. In my case, it even helped me to identify new segments and messaging. I would highly recommend the Test Kitchen to anyone launching a new product.” – Suzanne Shade, Founder and Creator of Bare Hands

“Lisa is an absolute pro. She’s thoroughly educated in the field of clean beauty and knows what consumers want (and need). She’s thoughtful and comprehensive in her assessment of a product, and provides feedback in a kind and constructive way. She isn’t going to sign off on a product with a greenwashed list of ingredients, or on one that doesn’t perform, which means that her suggestions will only serve to elevate both an individual brand and our industry as a whole. I can’t recommend her service highly enough.” Dr. Sarah Villafranco founder of OSMIA 

“Lisa is a trusted voice in the clean community and rightfully so, as she is thoughtful, smart, diligent – with an unmatched work ethic and hustle. When I was determining the scent for The Refresh Mint, I turned to Lisa as well as other trusted folks including Molly of Maison Pur, Jessica of Bare Beauty and Jeannie of Beauty Heroes to help me finalize the scent. Their collective feedback was invaluable to me and gave me added assurance in advance of the launch. Lisa knows clean beauty and understands the nuances of what makes a formulation special.” – Susanne Norwitz, Founder and Formulator of Maya Chia

On working with Lisa…

“Lisa does the deep dive necessary to speak knowledgeably about anything she shares with her audience. Her authenticity, attention to detail and reservoir of knowledge make her a trusted resource and because of this she’s imbued true loyalty among her readers. Working with Lisa has not only been an absolute pleasure but because of her loyal following we’ve gotten a boost in sales and gained a ton of new followers on Instagram.” – Becky Bluh, founder of BLÜH ALCHEMY

Working with Lisa was an absolute pleasure and a great success! Her in-depth knowledge and focus in clean beauty has resulted in her gaining trust from her followers and in turn, making her recommendations powerful. During this partnership, we received increase in web and social media traffic, and great feedback from customers. Plus, Lisa was very detailed and attentive via the collaboration process. We would definitely love to explore other partnerships in the future. – Anna, Fitglow Beauty Founder 

“Lisa speaks in an authentic voice to the modern woman who wants to know the “real deal.” I appreciate her level of professionalism, attention to detail and diligence and really enjoy our working relationship and personal connection.” – Jeannie Jarnot, Beauty Heroes

“This Organic Girl is one of our go-to authorities on all things non-toxic beauty and green living.” – True Botanicals

I’ve been following Lisa’s clean living journey long before we began working together. She’s a wealth of knowledge, gets into the nitty gritty and always keeps it relatable. This Organic Girl is one of my top recommended resources for those interested in clean living – she covers it all from beauty, to food, to home. If Lisa recommends it, I trust it. – Claire Molyneaux, founder of Clean Beauty Box

“Authentic, knowledgable, and professional, Lisa stands out in an oversaturated influencer market, where follower count rarely equals results. Lisa has a gift for making “green” approachable, exciting, and informative. Our collaborations have had an unheard of 9% conversion rate, and her audience is proven to be a loyal and active following.” – Jeff Smith founder of Petite Histoire

On Brand Awareness Campaigns…

“Lisa executed a brand awareness campaign that included posts, giveaways, Instagram Lives and even an ad on a relevant podcast segment. I loved the way she picked Influencers that would best align with Aleavia and everything was done in a meticulous fashion. At the end of the campaign, Lisa sent over a report detailing each Influencer’s stats which helped inform Aleavia’s ROI. Lisa is one of the most organized and professional influencers I have ever worked with. I would not hesitate to work with Lisa and her team again on future projects!” – Kelly Graham,  founder of Aleavia Skin Care

“Our experience was above and beyond what we had imagined. Lisa directed us on what she thought would be best for our business and did an amazing job creating content and excitement.” – Sweets Syrup